Apr 09 2015

Canine Influenza Vaccine

There has been multiple reports of canine influenza spreading throughout the Chicago Land area. Canine influenza virus also called dog flu, is a contagious respiratory disease in dogs caused by a specific Type A influenza virus. Common symptoms include cough, runny nose and fever. CIV is spread through respiratory secretions: coughing and sneezing. It can also be spread through things the dogs touches, like water bowls, toys etc.

CIV is a relatively new virus, so almost all dogs are susceptible to infection when they are newly exposed because they have not built up natural immunity. Most dogs that develop CIV infection have a mild illness, but some dogs get very sick and require treatment.

Westosha Veterinary Hospital recognizes the need for the CIV vaccine. We have not seen this disease in our area but Chicago is not very far away. Those dogs most at risk are dogs going to boarding kennels, dog parks, doggie day care etc. If your dog fits in these catagories, please call our office today and schedule an appointment. The vaccine is given initially and then boostered 2-4 weeks later. 262-843-4271

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